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Telugu Books

Source your Telugu Books with credit card online.

Sudha (Nectar) Contemporary Telugu Poetry by Chalam
List Price : $14.00
Amazon Price : $14.00

Telugu-India Bible

English-Telugu Dictionary by C.P. Brown

The " BEST " Telugu-English Dictionary.
Reviewer: A reader from Andhra Pradesh - India October 4, 1999.
As a Telugu speaking person, i rate this Telugu-English Dictionary, the 'Best' available book in the world market. I personally thank C.P. Brown for his effort in publishing this book. I used refer this book when i was at school.

English-Telugu Pocket Dictionary by P. Sankaranarayana

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International Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature : Telugu by Ganga Ram Garg

Click here to buy ¡When God is a Customer¡ by Khsetrayya and Others
Editorial Reviews ::
How is it that this woman's breastsglimmer so clearly through her saree?Can't you guess, my friends?What are they but rays from the crescentsleft by the nails of her loverpressing her in his passion,rays now luminous as the moonlightof a summer night? These South Indian devotional poems show the dramatic use of erotic language to express a religious vision. Written by men during the fifteenth to eighteenth century, the poems adopt a female voice, the voice of a courtesan addressing her customer. That customer, it turns out, is the deity, whom the courtesan teases for his infidelities polo ralph lauren and cajoles into paying her more money. Brazen, autonomous, fully at home in her body, she merges her worldly knowledge with the deity's transcendent power in the act of making love. This volume is the first substantial collection in English of these Telugu writings, which are still part of the standard repertoire of songs used by classical South Indian dancers. A foreword provides context for the poems, investigating their religious, cultural, and historical significance. Explored, too, are the attempts to contain their explicit eroticism by various apologetic and rationalizing devices. The translators, who are poets as well as highly respected scholars, render the poems with intelligence and tenderness. Unusual for their combination of overt eroticism and devotion to God, these poems are a delight to read.

About the Author ::
A.K. Ramanujan, recently deceased, was a poet published in English and Kannada, and served as William E. Colvin Professor of South Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. Velcheru Narayana Rao is a poet and critic in Telugu, and Professor of South Asian Literature at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. David Shulman is a poet in Hebrew, and Professor of South Asian Studies and Comparative Religion at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

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Rivalry and Tribute : Society and Ritual in a Telugu Village in South India (Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology)

Selection of Telugu Proverbs Translated, Illustrated & Explained Together With Some Sanskrit Proverbs Printed in the Devanagari & Telugu Characters by Carr

Spoken Telugu

Spoken Telugu : Units 1-12 by Leigh Lisker

Spoken Telugu : Units 13-20 (Spoken Language Series) by Leigh Lisker

Spoken Telugu : Units 13-20 (Spoken Language Series) Audio Cassette by Leigh Lisker

Telugu New Testament with Psalms


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